About Us


Who We Are

The Baltimore City Campaign for Grade Level Reading (GLR) is a Coalition of nearly 90 public agencies, funders, non-profit organizations, community leaders, and other key stakeholders that aims to ensure all Baltimore City public school students are reading well by the end of 3rd grade. All partners who reach Baltimore City families from birth to grade 3 represent a piece of the overall system and play a role in executing the GLR strategy. To move the needle on 3rd grade reading, GLR builds on established practices and the reach, relationships, and experience of its coalition partners. Some of GLR’s key strategies include expanding access to research-based tutoring, increasing enrollment in City Schools Pre-K and a city-wide initiative to encourage daily reading over the summer.

Grade Level Reading’s strategy takes a life-course approach, which means that it considers the constellation of factors that influence 3rd grade reading proficiency from the prenatal period to 3rd grade, and recognizes the interrelation between health and learning, the complexity of improving reading proficiency in Baltimore and the cumulative nature of skill development. It also enables GLR to identify the stakeholders and organizations already working on issues related to reading proficiency in order to build upon their efforts.

We will make our collective impact through:

  • Expanding what works to enhance local services
  • Testing new approaches with the potential for population impact
  • Strengthening system and policy to sustain the work