Daily Reading To..

At our last Coalition Meeting, we shared a draft of a brochure/magnet created to promote daily reading to families in Baltimore. We have refined the design based on your feedback and created additional tools based on some of your suggestions. Please see the links below for mock-ups of the design and fill out this form to place an order for materials FREE of charge (note: this are not final, small changes will be made).

Daily Reading Brochure and Magnet: Daily reading brochures/magnets show how reading can help a child create a vision for their future. The brochure gives information on reading resources for families and includes a magnet with tips for reading at home.

Poster: Daily reading posters that show how reading can help a child create a vision for their future and connects families with reading resources.

Daily Reading Sticky Notes: Sticky notes for parents and providers to labels objects around their house or center to help kids develop literacy skills and encourage literacy activities at home.

Daily Reading Tips Sticker: Sticker with reading tips to put in books given to families.

Videos Featuring Parents Talking About Reading: Videos of parents talking about 1) the barriers to reading at home and how they address them (e.g.- not having time, being afraid to make mistakes) and 2) how parents can use reading assessment scores (such as i-Ready and Amplify) to help their children progress. These videos are not complete so a draft cannot be shared.