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Tips and resources for parents of children K-3rd that will help you make sure your child is on track to be reading by 3rd.

Learn How You Can Tell If Your Child Is On Track In School

Need help making sure your child is on track to read by 3rd? Ask your school for your child’s i-ready test results

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Get FREE Books

Take a trip to the Maryland Book Bank or The Book Thing to find something for the whole family. Leave with free books you can enjoy together for a lifetime.

Summer Reading For The Whole Family

Keep your kids reading over the summer so they won’t lose what they learned during the year. Join the Pratt Summer Reading Program for kids K-5th so your child can win prizes just for reading, including free entry to the Aquarium on Library Night. The Pratt Library has Summer Reading programs for all ages, so bring the whole family along!

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Tips for reading as a family (Download these tips in English or Spanish.)

  • Read out loud. Ask kids to read a book to an adult every day. Encourage them to read as though they’re talking to someone.
  • Adults and older siblings should read too. They can read more difficult books to younger children.
  • Visit the library. Show kids how to sign up for their own library card and help them check out a variety of books, including nonfiction.
  • Talk about what you’re reading. While reading together, stop and talk about the book. Ask questions like:
    • What is the author telling us?
    • What do you think will happen next?
  • Read anything and everything. Encourage kids to read whatever they can—ingredients from their favorite snacks, a map, mail or recipes.
  • Write a book. Kids can become an author as they write about a favorite animal, character, or any other subject.
  • Read and compare. Read several books about the same topic. Talk about the similarities and differences between the books.
  • Ask for proof. When talking about a book, ask for evidence:
    • Which sentence tells us that?
    • What do you see in the picture to make you think that?
  • Encourage kids to use one new vocabulary word each day from a book they have read.
  • Be a role model. Read when you’re around kids to show them how much fun it can be