Summer Resources Children 0-5 K to 3rd Grade Books for Distribution Families and Reading Adult Literacy Resources Near You Training Opportunities

Summer Resources

Here you'll find resources to offer families for over the summer including how to access free summer programming and more.

Children 0-5

Here you'll find information to provide to families of 0-5 year olds to help their children develop early literacy skills.

K to 3rd Grade

Here you'll find resources to help families continue to develop literacy skills with their children at home, including reading tips.

Books for Distribution

Looking for access to books for your programming or to distribute to the families you serve? Look no further.

Families and Reading

Here you’ll find ways to speak with families about why reading by 3rd is so important and resources to share with parents.

Adult Literacy

Get information on adult literacy resources and GED classes to provide your clients.

Resources Near You

Find out about reading resources located in your area that can provide support to families.

Training Opportunities

Find local trainings that will help you work with families on reading.