Children 0-5


Here you’ll find information to provide to families of 0-5 year olds to help their children develop early literacy skills.

Child Care

Parents can find information about how to access child care on the Maryland Family Network website.

Free Activities For Families With 0-5 Year Olds

Visit the Pratt Library to participate in Mother Goose on the Loose and other fun classes with your 0-5 year old. These classes are fun and help your child develop skills that will help them learn to read. To see the schedule, click here. And parents can connect with other parents in B’More For Healthy Babies’ Baby Basic Program, a health literacy program that helps pregnant moms read, understand, and act upon pregnancy information.

Information for Families About Pre-K Enrollment

We know that low-income children that attend pre-k are more likely to achieve academically than their peers that don’t attend. It is essential that families enroll their children before July 31st in pre-k. If you serve families with children who will be 4 by September, you can help them to enroll by distributing this pre-k registration guide For more information about how you can get the word about enrollment, click here.

Additional Resources for Children 0-5

Please visit our partner, B’More For Healthy Babies to access resources for young parents and care-givers of young children.