Family Engagemen..


What Works

Grade Level Reading believes strongly that in order to ensure all children are reading proficiently by 3rd grade, we need all of Baltimore on board. We recognize the key role that the families play in this work and are committed to building strong parent demand for educational excellence and have identified building powerful community voice as one of our key focus areas.

Families in Baltimore believe reading is important for many different reasons. We’ve heard from lots of families that tells us that reading is necessary for every day life and that their children need to know how to read in order to do every day activities like cook themselves dinner, cross the street safely or fill out job applications.

What We’ve Done

Daily Reading Brochure & Magnet 

Grade Level Reading developed a daily reading resource, that includes a flyer and magnet. This resource gives families information about why reading is important, tips for reading as a family and information about local resources that can help both their children and them develop essential reading skills.


Grade Level Reading created a page specifically for families. The page includes tips from parents on how they help their kids read and adult literacy resources.