Coalition Buildi..


What Works

We believe that in order to achieve our goal of all Baltimore City children reading well by the 3rd grade, all of Baltimore, including families, communities, providers and policy makers, need to come together and create a joint strategy to move the needle on literacy in the city through:

Content vs. Context Experts

To truly deliver results through a collective impact strategy, the Baltimore Campaign recognizes that the work must be led by both content and context experts as improving 3rd grade reading proficiency requires commitment and partnership among all stakeholders. Content experts, such as policy makers and service providers, have in depth knowledge of the research, systems and resources needed to improve reading skills. Context experts such as community leaders and families, have the lived experience of individual practices and barriers to building literacy skills and resources. Each of these stakeholders (families, community leaders, service providers, and policymakers) must play a leading role in achieving our vision and have mutually reinforcing activities.

This year, Grade Level Reading, will create a targeted strategy to expand the reach and diversity of the Coalition, ensuring we have a balance of content vs. context exports to drive our work forward.

Collective Impact

Collective impact is “an innovative and structured approach to making collaboration work across government, business, philanthropy, non-profit organizations and citizens to achieve significant and lasting social change” (Collective Impact Forum).

Collective impact is successful when organizations from all different aligning efforts and create a common agenda and shared measurements to solve a problem in their community. We believe that collective impact is the key to moving the needle on literacy in Baltimore City and have convened a Coalition we believe has the reach to drive change in this city.

The Coalition

The Campaign uses a collective impact model to effect change. All partners who reach Baltimore City families from birth to grade 3 represent a piece of the overall system and play a role in executing the Grade Level Reading (GLR) strategy and make up the Coalition. To move the needle on 3rd grade reading, GLR builds on established practices and the reach, relationships, and experience of its coalition partners, including other prominent collective impact models in Baltimore such as B’more for Healthy Babies, the Attendance Collaborative, and Community Resource Schools as well as current work within Baltimore City Schools, to roll-out coordinated high-impact efforts across the city.

The Grade Level Reading Coalition, which meets quarterly, is made up of over 80 organizations in Baltimore City all working towards the common goal to ensure all 3rd graders read on grade level. GLR aims to connect current Coalition Members to each other, the strategies of the Campaign and to the families we aim to impact.

To learn more or join the Coalition, email