Tips For Reading..

Tips for reading as a family

  • Read out loud. Ask kids to read a book to an adult every day. Encourage them to read as though they’re talking to someone.
  • Adults and older siblings should read too. They can read more difficult books to younger children.
  • Visit the library. Show kids how to sign up for their own library card and help them check out a variety of books, including nonfiction.
  • Talk about what you’re reading. While reading together, stop and talk about the book. Ask questions like:
    • What is the author telling us?
    • What do you think will happen next?
  • Read anything and everything. Encourage kids to read whatever they can—ingredients from their favorite snacks, a map, mail or recipes.
  • Write a book. Kids can become an author as they write about a favorite animal, character, or any other subject.
  • Read and compare. Read several books about the same topic. Talk about the similarities and differences between the books.
  • Ask for proof. When talking about a book, ask for evidence:
    • Which sentence tells us that?
    • What do you see in the picture to make you think that?
  • Encourage kids to use one new vocabulary word each day from a book they have read.
  • Be a role model. Read when you’re around kids to show them how much fun it can be

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